[Beowulf] mpich2 and mpiexec from Ohio SC

Konstantin Kudin konstantin_kudin at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 15:43:41 EDT 2005

 Hi there,

 I have tried to use mpich2 with mpiexec from OSC and the resulting
code hangs in random places.

 The same code works fine with mpich.

 The versions are :

 mpich2 - mpich2-1.0.2p1
 mpiexec - mpiexec-0.80

 The config options for mpich2 are:

./configure --prefix=/opt/mpich2.intel --enable-f77 --enable-romio \   
    --with-file-system="pvfs+nfs+ufs" --with-device=ch3:ssm \
        --enable-error-messages=all \
        --enable-timing=runtime --enable-error-checking=runtime

 Any ideas?


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