[Beowulf] Fwd: running mpi on different SunFire 12K boards

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Thu Oct 13 09:05:25 EDT 2005

> we have SunFire 12K system that uses 16 unit UltraSparc III Cu 1200Mhz and
> 16 unit UltraSparc III Cu 900Mhz cpus. cpus are on the system's different

this is pretty much Definitely Not A Beowulf!

> boards. I want to run a mpi code on the boards which have 1200Mhz cpus or
> others. so, I want to use specific boards. is it possible? if it is how
> can do it?

man -k affinity or similar keywords.  most OS's let you give the kernel
some sort of bitmask specifying which processors you want to run on.

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