RS: [Beowulf] Sempron compile optimization

Chris Samuel csamuel at
Mon Nov 28 22:48:07 EST 2005

On Tuesday 29 November 2005 00:58, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> So I'm guessing that SuSE SLES 9 for the PPC64 is actually a 32 bit
> distro, with a 32 bit gcc and 32 bit libraries but with libraries for 64
> bit compatibility operation installed so that you're again, basically
> cross-compiling for 64 bits.  gcc should compile native/default to
> whatever "native" is.

You are quite correct (as usual!) - it is indeed a 32-bit distro with 64-bit 
libraries. :-(

csamuel at edda:~> arch
csamuel at edda:~> file /bin/* | grep 32-bit | wc -l
csamuel at edda:~> file /bin/* | grep 64-bit | wc -l

[csamuel at wexstan ~]$ arch
[csamuel at wexstan ~]$ file /bin/* | grep 32-bit | wc -l
[csamuel at wexstan ~]$ file /bin/* | grep 64-bit | wc -l

The two 64-bit executables in /bin on SLES9 PPC64 are fuser and ps.

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