[Beowulf] PVM: urgent

fabio matturro fabiomax3 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 11 11:12:11 EST 2005

I have some problems adding hosts with PVM.

I have installed PVM 3.4.2 (by Synaptic) on both hosts. Both of them run 
Linux Ubuntu Hoary. I can correctly run pvm, compile and run programs on 
both of them.

Each host is configured as follows:

.bashrc :
export PVM_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh
export PVM_ROOT=/usr/lib/pvm3
export PVM_DPATH=$PVM_ROOT/lib

.bash_profile (same as .bashrc)

ubuntu matthew                      #Host:ubuntu, Account:matthew
ubuntuLAPTOP matthew          #Host:ubuntuLAPTOP, Account:matthew

I've created keys for both hosts and copied them into authorized_keys under 
$HOME/.ssh directory. When I try to connect to ubuntu (from ubuntuLAPTOP) 
via ssh no password is requested and everything seems to be working 

Furthermore, I've run this command   " ln -sf /usr/bin/ssh 
/etc/alternatives/pvm-rsh ",
as README.Debian suggested

Here comes the problems ; - )
I know that on PVM there's to be a master starting slaves. The first is to 
be started manually, the latter via master (therefore PVM mustn't be running 
on slaves).
I have tried starting master either by command 'pvm' or by 'pvmd'. PVM gets 
running but when i execute (via pvm console) add name_host it can't. That's 
the message I get:

                    HOST     DTID
                  ubuntu Can't start pvmd

I open /tmp/pvm.1000/log file and it says as follows:

[t80040000] 11/11 17:03:07 ubuntuLAPTOP ( LINUX 3.4.2
[t80040000] 11/11 17:03:07 ready Fri Nov 11 17:03:07 2005
[t80000000] 11/11 17:03:12 stderr at ubuntu: phase1() execvp failed
[t80000000] 11/11 17:03:12 stdout at ubuntu: EOF
[t80000000] 11/11 17:03:12 stderr at ubuntu: phase1() execvp failed
[t80000000] 11/11 17:03:12 stdout at ubuntu: EOF
[t80040000] 11/11 17:03:12 startack() host ubuntu expected version, got 
[t80040000] 11/11 17:04:25 locloutput() write: Broken pipe
[t80040000] 11/11 17:04:25 locloutput() marking t40001 dead

What renders me perplexed is that if I "sniff" eth0 (running tcpdump or 
Ethereal) no packets are exchanged between the machines. As a confirm, in 
fact, I get the same MESSAGE when I try to add the host off wire!!

I'm afraid I'm racking my brains over some really stupid mistake! Please, 
help me out!


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