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Vladimir Mitic dmc at linux.tron-inter.net
Thu Nov 10 11:51:37 EST 2005

Eugen Leitl wrote:

>Sent to CCL by: john furr [john.furr[]gmail.com]
>Both OS's will cluster quite easily.  However mixing them may give you
>some issues.  In Fedora Core 4 the default version of gcc is 4.0.0. 
>However in Fedora Core 3 it is gcc-3.4.2 (I think).  The two are NOT
>binary compatible regardless of what some people say.
i was having similar problem with using distcc and compiling programs 
mixing various distributions. Problem is mixing gcc 2 and 3 and of 
course 3 i 4. Solution for me was quite simple, all i have to do is 
compile gcc-3.2.2 on FC4 (which other non FC4 nodes use) and then Fedora 
Core 4 nodes were happy to cooperate in distcc. I havent had any glibc 
issues from compiling to this time and every compile went perfectly, so 
maybe he should try this too.

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