[Beowulf] No output then error

Matthew Fowler tjue1 at sussex.ac.uk
Thu Nov 3 06:31:35 EST 2005

Hi People

Im having some trouble getting xhpl to run without error. Sometimes its
runs and finishes but does not produce any output, otherwise it produces
an error.

I have built the test suite using BLAS, CBLAS, mpich2-1.0.1

When I do get an error its:

bash-2.05b# mpirun -np 1 xhpl
mpdrun_2867 (mpd_recv 386): other error after recv
__main__.mpdrunInterrupted :SIGALRM:
mpdrun failed: no msg recvd from mpd when expecting ack of request
    traceback: [('/usr/local/bin/mpirun.py', '256', 'mpdrun'),
('/usr/local/bin/mpirun.py', '978', '?')]

Has anybody experience this error before know of any possible escape?
Any help greatly appreciated


Matthew Fowler
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