[Beowulf] Booting fom a SAN disk using FC-over-Iinfiniband

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Tue Nov 1 19:01:17 EST 2005

> The disks appear as normal SCSI devices and it all just works.

right.  FC is sort of SCSI with badly copied bits of eth/IP added ;)

> > b) And what if the host (an IBM JS20 blade) we want to boot is not
> > directly FC-attached to the SAN, but is Infiniband attached to a IB
> > gateway (a TopSpin 90 with the FC gateway module) and the IB switch is
> > connected to an FC switch (8 port Brocade)? Is it still possible to
> > "remote" boot it?

from an FC-connected host plugged into the Brocade?  the presence 
of a hop over IB should be irrelevant, assuming that discovery/naming
kinds of things work.  if an FC-connected device can see the storage 
exported through IB->FC at all, it certainly should be bootable.

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