[Beowulf] Re: The move to gigabit - technical questions

steve_heaton at ozemail.com.au steve_heaton at ozemail.com.au
Wed Mar 16 21:42:56 EST 2005

G'day all

Somewhat relevant... Part of my benchtesting exersize on my DIY beowulf was a comparison between running the onboard FastEthernet v's adding an Intel 1000MT GigaE adapter. 

I changed the MPI config to ensure the MPI traffic had the GigaE to itself and "other" traffic went via the FastE.

I ran the full MPI perftest suite. Sample graphs on this web page:

-> Computing

It was indeed "a bit" faster.

There's some NetPipe results in there too. I can provide more details if any one is interested.

Note: I know magic can be worked with the Intel driver but this is "vanilla" ATM.


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