[Beowulf] where can i learn to build a cluster machine?

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Holy Cow... This message is a keeper. Thanks a million Robert.

Alpay Kasal

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To give you the direct answer, it goes something like the following:

  a) Hook systems into a common switched LAN e.g. an ethernet switch.
  b) If possible use decent quality PXE-aware NICs
  c) If possible use nodes with a decent amount of installed memory (>=
192 MB) although it is possible to get by with less, with effort.
  d) Node hard disk is optional for at least some installation methods
(e.g. warewulf) but is useful and enables others.
  e) At least one system NEEDS ample hard disk and will serve as a
"server" or "head node" to your cluster.  This node will manage boot
images, the distro you wish to install, NFS or other shared filesystems,
authentication, and gives you a place to "login to the cluster".  Note
that this is a sloppy requirement -- there are many different ways to
manage this and I'm just describing one of the simplest and most
straightforward ones.



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