[Beowulf] python & Lush on a cluster (Newbie question)

Mark Westwood mark.westwood at ohmsurveys.com
Wed Jan 26 04:56:59 EST 2005


I know nothing about Lush (or Python for that matter). Here's my 
off-the-cuff opinion:

Numbers + Clusters => Fortran

One of the problems you might have using Python and Lush is interfacing 
to MPI.  If your objective is numerical research you might want to avoid 
learning too much about this sort of issue.  With Fortran / C / C++ you 
can get all the components you need off the shelf.

Good luck with your research.


PS Your English seems pretty good to me :-)

Rolando Espinoza La Fuente wrote:
> Hi :)
> (my english isn't very good...)
> I'll build a basic beowulf cluster for numerical "research" (i hope),
> what do you think about using python and lush for programming on the
> cluster?
> Anybody has comments about lush?
> Better way (language... than C/Fortran) for programming (numerical
> apps) on the cluster?
> Thanks in advance.
> PD: If you don't know  about lush:
> Lush is an object-oriented programming language designed for
> researchers, experimenters, and engineers interested in large-scale
> numerical and graphic applications.
> Lush's main features includes:
>     * A very clean, simple, and easy to learn Lisp-like syntax.
>     * A compiler that produces very efficient C code and relies 
>        on the C compiler to produce efficient native code 
>       (no inefficient bytecode or virtual machine)
> .     ....
> more info: http://lush.sourceforge.net/

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