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Pere Urbón Bayes purbon at abra.uab.es
Wed Dec 21 05:29:29 EST 2005

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On my Dept. they wanted to build a cluster, but I have no idea about
this technology. Can any one of you indicate me some links about the
diferent technology's into this world?

I know something about mosix and open-mosix, but I know that there are
some other technique's like PVM and PMI or beowulf. How about this
technology's, I think that they implicate to change the programming
technique, isn't it?

How about the machines, I think that we can buy smallest machines that
we could find. Were I could buy this machines? I also lyke if any one of
you could help on my task, because im a little beat lost on my hardware

Best Regards, and many thanks for your help.

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