[Beowulf] Is Beowulf the right solution for my problem ?

Douglas Eadline - ClusterWorld Magazine deadline at clusterworld.com
Fri Apr 22 16:24:58 EDT 2005

> One thing I'd recommend looking at is warewulf
>   http://warewulf.lbl.gov/pmwiki/
> as it is a cluster toolkit that fits (as packages) on top of whatever
> LAN and Linux distro you're using now.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a
> current list of the software it bundles on their site, but it is very
> easy to build and install (or just install depending on what you're
> running) and probably contains SGE ready to run (and possibly other
> batch managers).  It is supported by real cluster humans who actually
> use it, and is pretty current in terms of what it provides.

Jeff Layton and I used Warewulf for the Kronos Cluster
(www.clusterworld.com/value_cluster.shtml) for this reason.  The Kronos
cluster is a series in ClusterWorld that explains how to build a low cost
cluster ($2500), install WW, install other tools, and make sure the system 
works. It is a recipe that can be altered to the users taste.

Here are a few comments about WW. First, it is a great method to manage
clusters (using RAM disk on the nodes, so it can be used diskless or
diskfull). It simplifies management. Second it is quite easy and painless
to test new things. Now, that said, WW is also undergoing development and
there are some rough edges that need smoothed out when installing and
using it (we address all this in the magazine series). Plus the mailing
list is very responsive. Right now it is not a "turn-key" cluster
management system but it is headed that way. Indeed, there is some
discussion about a "Warewulf IS (Industrial Strength)" development branch
that would address package integration, documentation, and usability

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