[Beowulf] /. Cooler room or cooler servers?

David Kewley kewley at gps.caltech.edu
Fri Apr 8 19:29:40 EDT 2005

Michael Will wrote on Thursday 07 April 2005 15:49:
> Mark Hahn wrote:
> >>No mention of PowerPC which runs far cooler (1/2?) than Intel/AMD:
> >
> >except that it doesn't.
> >
> >>http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/products/apple/power-useage.pdf
> >
> >lovely graph.  alas, the numbers are pure fantasy.  yes, I actually
> >did measure a dual xserve g5 (not heavily configured) and it was 200-210W,
> >quite comparable to dual-opterons and even dual-xeons.
> Thats dual 32bit xeons, the dual em64t xeon systems are more like 420W.

Scuse me?  Our Dell PE1850s come with (dual-capable) 550W power supplies, yes, 
but in our configuration, a Dell engineer used a Dell configuration tool to 
calculate that the maximum POSSIBLE power dissipation was 361W.  The 
implication was that typical max power dissipation would be a fair bit below 

dual 3.2GHz Xeon EM64T
3GB RAM (6x512)
1x 36GB 10kRPM SCSI disk
Myrinet card

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