[Beowulf] OS for 64 bit AMD

Andrew Shewmaker agshew at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 11:21:36 EST 2005

I've been running FC2 on my opteron workstation for a while 
now, but I am about ready to move on to something newer.  
It has been stable, but one pet peeve I have with RH's 
multiarch support is that it ends up clobbering their rpm 
database.  It hasn't seemed to have hurt me yet, but it isn't 

If you run 'rpm -Va' on an "everything" install, then it will report 
that several 32-bit packages have binaries with wrong md5sums.
I find the following script more useful than a rpm verify to show 
the conflicts in /usr/bin:


for i in `ls -1 /usr/bin`; do
  if [ `rpm -qf --qf "%{arch}" /usr/bin/$i` == "i386x86_64" ]; then
    echo -n "/usr/bin/$i: ";
    rpm -qf --qf "%{name}-%{version}.%{arch} " /usr/bin/$i;

SuSE has a couple conflicts, but they look like oversights and 
not part of their general packaging methodology.  I haven't 
checked any other rpm-based distro.


On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 16:37:24 -0500, Mike Davis <jmdavis at mail2.vcu.edu> wrote:
> What OSes are Opteron clusters out there running. Is anyone running FC2
> on opterons?
> I'm looking at opterons for our next cluster, but I'm not sure about
> what OS to run. Thus far we've been with RH and or RHAS. But, the next
> cluster will be big and I'm just not sure what we should run.

Andrew Shewmaker
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