[Beowulf] New Version of MyPBS Accounting System

Glen Beane beaneg at gandalf.umcs.maine.edu
Wed Sep 1 14:57:24 EDT 2004

The University of Maine Advanced Computing Research Lab is proud to
announce release 0.6.0 of MyPBS, an accounting package for
supercomputers running the Portable Batch System (OpenPBS, PBS Pro,
Torque,...) based resource managers.

The accounting package, called MyPBS because it uses MySQL to integrate
advanced accounting features with PBS, includes features such as:
credit, debit, and mixed-mode (debit with no overdraft protection)
operation configurable on a per-project basis; user to project(s)
association(s); project based queue access control; multiple pricing
schemes configurable on a per-project basis with the ability to charge
different prices for overdraft; statistical tracking; a web-based
graphical interface; and more.

New to this version of MyPBS is multi-cluster support.  Now  
the same accounting database can be shared by multiple clusters or 
supercomputers. This allows the same project to be charged from multiple 

Also included is our initial version of the refund request mechanism.
This allows a refund request to be issued for a job by a user, and 
this request to be moderated by an administrator. Refunds may be 
requested for a configurable period of time after a job has finished, 
after this time expires a job is no longer eligible for a refund.

We plan on adding many more features, and we need your help!  Please
download and try MyPBS. Let us know if you find any bugs, or have any
suggestions for additional features.  We have several features on our
road map, but we are always in need of additional input.

For a full list of changes since our last release see the change log, 
located at the bottom of this message. 

See http://my-pbs.sourceforge.net for more information! 

Glen Beane
Supercomputer Software Engineer
University of Maine Advanced Computing Research Lab

-------------------- MyPBS CHANGE LOG --------------------- 


Release 0.6.0:

*CHANGES file added (CVS: base/docs/CHANGES)
*Modified panachart code to always start Y-Axis at 0, not the minimum value
*After a new project is added you are now taken to the admin view for that
 project(so you can add users).
*Fixed bug where regular users always saw "Project is Disabled" message when
 viewing project info
*Made "Project Active" checked by default when creating new project
*"Add new Project" link no longer shows up when admin is in "user mode" view
 of projects
*New project creation now fails if you have spaces in the project name (to
 accommodate PBS)
*Link to add users to a project is disabled while creating the project
*Hid the project password field on the project form, since it is currently
*"Add/Update" button is no longer shown for "Project Owners", since
 the password is hidden there is nothing for them to Update.
*Member popup window is now located in a separate file, and not generated
 in the php code. Now the page doesn't have to be refreshed in order for
 the pop up window to show the correct members (after modifying the project
*Cost Group names must now be unique.
*Added multi-cluster support base (projects and queues are now
 associated with a hostname, and pbs_jobnumber is the full identifier with
*Fixed bug in UpdateCostSummary function (in MyPBS.pm), which caused the
 historical service unit values to grow much faster than they should have.
*Fixed bug in qsub that caused it to set the number of processors in MyPBS
 to 1 if :ppn was not found in the node string
*Added the refund request mechanism
*Fixed bug in qmove wrapper, where queue access check would always pass
 (it was checking permissions of the old queue, not the destination queue)
*Added Link to check for MyPBS updates.

Release 0.5.1:

*Minor Bug Fixes (some broken development versions of a couple files
 were mistakenly released in 0.5.0)

Release 0.5.0:

*Initial Release to sourceforge
(core had been in use for almost 1 year at this point)

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