[Beowulf] Minimal OS

Michel Dierks m.dierks at skynet.be
Mon Mar 22 18:39:30 EST 2004

I’m a beginner in the Beowulf world.
To achieve my school graduate I choose to make a Beowulf cluster.
My cluster: 
8 slaves: pc IBM 166 Mhz, 96 Mb ram, HD 2 Giga.
1 master: Dell PowerEdge 2200 bi processor 233 Mhz, 320 Mb ram, 3 SCSI HD (9.1, 2.1 and 2.1 Giga).
1 switch 10/100 Ethernet.
The application must calculate a mesh 2D for a research over stream in fluid mechanics.
I must use the MPI library for communication and PARMS for the calculation.
This application will be developed in C.
The operating system is the Red Hat distribution 9.0.
My question is: for the slave pc’s , which is the minimal operating system to install. (Kernell + which package?).
Thank you.

Michel D.


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