[Beowulf] Benchmarking with PVM

mayank_kaushik at vsnl.net mayank_kaushik at vsnl.net
Sat Mar 13 05:24:13 EST 2004

hi everyone

first of all, id like to thank Robert G. Brown for his help in solving my PVM problem, and getting my cluster running!

now that its running, iv been trying to run tests on it to see how fast it really is..so i ran PVMPOV, and the results were pretty impressive- i had two P4s clustered, and the rendering time was reduced by half..may sound trivial to you guys, but to a first-timer like me, it looks great! :-)

okay, so heres the deal- we`v got lots of idle computers in the college computer lab..an eclectic mix of P2 350s and P3 733s, which everyone has abandoned in favour of flashy new compaq evo P4 2.4ghzs, so along comes me the evangelist and turns all the outcasts into cluster nodes..
(wev got a gigabit LAN too)

now,id like to run benchmarking tests on the cluster so as to outline the increase in performance as individual nodes are added..and also the increase in the load on the network..
are there tools available that would let me do all this..and, say, get graphs etc too? tools that are compatible with PVM? could anyone provide links to places where they can be downloaded?
(im running red-hat 9.0 on all systems)

thanx in anticipation


PS. those proud compaq evos are giving me trouble..thev got winXP with an NTFS filesystem, n im trying to use partition magic to make a pratition so that i can make a dual boot system and install linux...but partition magic always exits with an error, on all the systems..fips wont work with NTFS..has anyone ever done this? the quick-restor cd says it would remove all partitions and make just one NTFS partition, so i didnt try that.

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