[Beowulf] good 24 port gige switch

Russell Nordquist rdn at uchicago.edu
Mon Mar 8 23:40:01 EST 2004

thanks for all the good info. it got me to thinking....i have resources
for comparing most components of a cluster excepts network switches. it
would be nice to have a source of information for this as well.
something like:

*bandwidth/latency between 2 hosts
*bandwidth/latency at 25%/50%/75%/100% port usage
*short vs long message comparisons

great so far, but what about the issues:

*what SW to use for the benchmark. perhaps netpipe?
*the NICS used will make a difference. how does one account for the
difference between a realtec and syskonnect chipset, bus speeds, etc?
*do we have enough variation of cluster sizes and HW to make a useful
*and i'm sure there's more 

Is this feasible? Is it a case where any info is useful even if it is
not very reliable/accurate? With more MB's coming with decent gige on
board there will be a greater chance the the difference between to
setups will only be the switch.

so, is this a worthwhile are useful project for the community? or are
there to many variables to make the results useful?

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Russell Nordquist
UNIX Systems Administrator
Geophysical Sciences Computing
NSIT, University of Chicago
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