[Beowulf] PVM says `PVM_ROOT not set..cant start pvmd` on remote computer

mayank_kaushik at vsnl.net mayank_kaushik at vsnl.net
Sun Mar 7 03:29:42 EST 2004


im trying to make a two-machine PVM virtual machine. but im having problems with PVM.
the names of the two machines are "mayank" and "manish".."mayank" runs fedora core 1, "manish" runs red hat linux -9..both are part of a simple 100mbps LAN, connected by a 100mbps switch.
iv *disabled* the firewall on both machines.

iv installed pvm-3.4.4-14 on both machines.
the problem is: 

when i try to add "mayank" to the virtual machine from "manish" using "add mayank", pvm is unable to do so..gives an error message "cant start pvmd"..then it tries to diagnose what went wrong..it passes all tests but one -- says "PVM_ROOT" is set to "" on the target machine ("mayank")...but thats ABSURD..iv checked a mill-yun times, the said variable is correctly set..when i ssh to mayank from manish, and then echo $PVM_ROOT , i get the correct answer...
plz note that im using ssh instead of rsh, by changing the variable PVM_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh..since im more comfortable with ssh...
but when i try the opposite--adding "manish" to the virtual machine from "mayank" runnnig fedora..it works!
furthermore....before i installed fedora core 1 on mayank, it too had red hat 9..and then i was getting the same problem from BOTH machines..but after installing fedora on mayank, things began to work from that end.

what going on??? (apart from me whos going nuts)

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