[Beowulf] "noht" in 2.4.24?

Mark Hartner hartner at cs.utah.edu
Fri Mar 5 16:22:37 EST 2004

> I installed 2.4.24 on a dual Xeon system with a Tyan 7501-chipset
> motherboard and the noht option seems to be ignored.  The RH9 kernel
> (2.4.20?) repected noht.  Has this been changed or is there a patch that

I think that option was removed around 2.4.21

If you look at Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt in the kernel source it
will give you a list of options for the 2.4.24 kernel.

> missed?  I can't think that it is a BIOS issue or otherwise hardware
> related as I can shut it off with RH9 kernel.

'acpi=off' will disable ht'ing (and a bunch of other stuff)

The other option is to disable it in your BIOS.


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