[Beowulf] mpich program segfaults

Glen Kaukola glen at mail.cert.ucr.edu
Thu Mar 4 13:45:25 EST 2004

Suvendra Nath Dutta wrote:

>	I am sorry, I meant buffer-overrun instead of memory overrun. It
>is of course impossible to say, but you are describing a classic
>description of buffer overrun. Program seg-faulting, some where there
>shouldn't be a problem. This is usually because you've over run the array
>limits and are writing on the program space.

Ok, but simply calling a subroutine shouldn't cause a buffer overrun 
should it?  Especially when none of the arguments being passed to the 
subroutine are dynamically allocated.  I'm beginning to suspect it's a 
problem with the compiler actually.  Maybe the stack that holds 
subroutine arguments isn't big enough.  And when my problematic 
subroutine call is 4 levels deep or so like it is, then there isn't 
enough room on the stack for it's arguments.


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