[Beowulf] mpich program segfaults

Glen Kaukola glen at mail.cert.ucr.edu
Wed Mar 3 12:52:30 EST 2004


Sorry if this is off topic.  Anyway, I've got an mpich Fortran program 
I'm trying to get going, which produces a segmentation fault right at a 
subroutine call.  I put a print statement right before and right after 
the call and when I run the program, I'm only seeing the one before.  
I've also put a print statement right at the beginning of the subroutine 
which is being called and never see that either.  The real strange part 
is when I run this under a debugger, the program runs fine.  So would 
anyone happen to have any insight to what's going on here?  I'd really 
appriciate it.

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