[Beowulf] SCI Socket latency: 2.27 microseconds

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Mon Mar 1 19:37:11 EST 2004

> > > No wonder Intel killed IA64 and released 64-bit x86
> > > (aka IA32e) a week or two ago...
> >
> > Intel killed IA64?  Where did you come up with that?
> Intel certainly haven't announced the death of Itanium, but you've got to 
> wonder about its long term future when Intel start producing 64-bit AMD 
> compatible chips. Also see [1] below.

bah.  buying chips based on their address register width makes 
about as much sense as buying based on clock.  yes, some people have 
good reason to be excited about 64b hitting the mass market.  but 
that number is quite small - how many machines do you have with 
>4 GB per cpu?

remember, Intel has always said that 64b wasn't terribly important
for anything except the "enterprise" (mauve has more ram) market
(mainframe recidivists).  I think they're right, but should have also
adopted AMD's cpu-integrated memory controller.

> I guess it comes down to a business decision on Intel as to whether they feel 
> the demand for Itanium is enough to justify its continued development.

maybe instead of a bazillion bytes of cache on the next it2, 
Intel will just drop in a P4 or two ;)

regards, mark hahn.

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