[Beowulf] SLC3

Martin WHEELER mwheeler at startext.co.uk
Fri Jun 18 05:59:05 EDT 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Eray Ozkural wrote:

> We were using debian (my favorite distro) and FAI, but I was *highly*
> disappointed with countless bugs

Eray __

Were these in Debian; or FAI?
Can you be a little more specific?
(I'm about to do a proof-of-concept project this summer, using both.)

> most of which we were able to correct

(I'm real glad to hear it!)

>  I'd have to go in a painful bugfix
> mode to make it work again for our setup.

Is there anything specific in your setup which precludes the use of
Debian, as opposed to any other common distribution?

Genuine interest here.
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