[Beowulf] Redmond is at it, again

Andrew Cater Andrew.Cater at gchq.gsi.gov.uk
Tue Jun 15 04:24:19 EDT 2004

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HP, Prodigy, IBM, Quadrics - all will support Debian on request.
Building cluster software for e.g. _just_ SuSE/Novell, Red Hat / Fedora
is very short sighted.

Since the core of most distributions is essentially the same, surely the
cluster software vendors can build for e.g. Linux Standard Base
compatibility at a minimum / supply a tarball with Automake/Autoconf and
Leave cluster users to actually make good use of their software.

Software support should be "Your widget crashed when I fed it 64k length
records - help me! Sure" not "which kernel/glibc are you running? _Now_
I'll help you" :)

Just my 0.02 Euro from a work machine with broken emailer.  All opinions
personal and not to be attributed to anyone else - speaking only in a
personal capacity. YMMV, objects in rear view mirror may appear closer
than they are etc. etc.


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