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Alvin Oga alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sat Jan 31 21:51:01 EST 2004

hi ya

On Sat, 31 Jan 2004, John Hearns wrote:

> What happens when the liquid nitrogen vapourises? It turns to nitrogen 
> gas. And if you are unlucky anyone in the room chokes...
> I was reminded of this in the lift of a chemistry department where
> we have an opteron cluster - a large sign reminding that LNO2 and 
> dangerous chemicals are not allowed in passenger lifts.
> BTW, when arranging air flows try to get cold air ducted into the front of
> the rack - node tend to draw air in the front and exhaust to the rear.

it'd be better, if one could, to make it bottom to top air flow
and all inside a sealed ( reasonably closed ) rack

if co-location is an option... the best choice would be alsaka or canada
and leave the 3rd/4th story window open to the outside ??
	( wonder how it'd run during the short summers )

- and yes.. lots of people forget about regulatory issues when
  building clusters or too many pc's in the office
	- not enough building power being the first major "oops"

	- fire hazard being the 2nd violations
	( they(fire dept) don't allow daisy chained power strips )

	- not enough hvac or costs of cooling ..

	( sometimes big fans, in the right direction, is enough
	 to keep the pc cooler )

	- too much regulations also kills the project :-0

c ya

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