[Beowulf] HVAC and room cooling...

John Bushnell bushnell at chem.ucsb.edu
Fri Jan 30 20:16:59 EST 2004

>I'm trying to do an HVAC analysis of a small beowulf cluster (12 dual
>athlon or opteron machines).  
>Can anyone suggest where I might look to find information for this?

  You can probably find some approx. formula on a Beowulf site.  I
know I've seen one on this list, which I found useful. (list archive)
(So many watts) times 'x' equals how many "tons" of AC.  Multiply
by at least two of course ;-)

>Also, does anyone have any brilliant thoughts for cooling an internal
>room that can't affordably get chilled water?  (I've been suggesting
>to people that it isn't possible, but someone brought up "portable
>liquid nitrogen" -- for the room, NOT for overclocking -- I'm trying
>to get stable systems, not instability :-).

  You can have an external heat exchanger.  If you are lucky and are,
say, on the first floor somewhere close to an external wall, it is
pretty simple to run a small pipe between the internal AC and the
heat exchanger outside.  Don't know how far it is practical to run
one though.  We have one in our computer room, but it is only six
feet or so from the exchanger outside.  Our newer AC runs on chilled
water which was quoted for a lot less than another inside/outside
combo, but we already had a leftover chilled water supply in the
computer room.

   Hope that helps - John

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