[Beowulf] C vs C++ challenge

Jakob Oestergaard jakob at unthought.net
Wed Jan 28 08:54:02 EST 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 12:14:32AM -0500, Robert G. Brown wrote:

Guys, thanks a lot for your replies!

Interesting, and a challenge.  One I intend to follow up on.

The C example ran 10 times faster than my C++ example here. So that's a
1-0 for "the world" vs. "me".  However, I had to extend the
stack-allocated variable that holds a temporary string, in order to stop
the program from segfaulting.  The only way to fix the problem was
manual code inspection, as neither ElectricFence, Valgrind or plain GDB
could display the problem because of the significant stack scribbling.
So, I'll take the liberty of calling it 1-1 so far - I do intend to
follow up on this to make it a win though   ;)

I have *tons* of work to do before saturday, where I board a plane for
france, to spend next eight days skiing in the alps.  I don't think I
will be able to give you a proper followup until after the vacation.
Say, in about one and a half week from now.

However, once back, I'll be fully energized and ready to take on the
world - my asbestos underwear will be ready, my tinfoil hat polished up,
and by then I think my lithium prescription should have run out again.

All in all, I'll be back!     :)


 / jakob

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