[Beowulf] Clustering on Redhat9.0

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at inel.gov
Tue Jan 27 10:37:19 EST 2004

swapna ghosh wrote:

 > Hi
 >    I am a newbee to the clustering and my next project is clustering
 > with max 2 nodes.
 >    The servers are Redhat 9.0. I was going through  few clustering
 > procedure..
 >    -  beowolf with PVM
 >    -  openMosix
 >    -  SSI Cluster for linux
 > There are lots many but i need the *free* software...
 >    Though the last one(SSI Clustering..) the document i read , it is on
 > Redhat 9.0
 >    openMosix is kernel patch oriented.. So my little knowledge says
 > that it will be difficult everytime to upgrade if not rpm...[ i may be
 > wrong ]

OpenSSI also involves a patched kernel, so it sounds like you'll
probably want to avoid it too, if you are avoiding openMosix.

 >    beowolf with PVM, i did not get any such document(installation
 > steps) till yet on Redhat 9.0. It will be really appreciated if anybody
 > points me the document/url of the procedure *installation of clustering
 > with beowolf PVM on RH-9.0*

RH-9 includes pvm-3.4.4-12.i386.rpm on the second CD and
pvm-gui-3.4.4-12.i386.rpm on the third.  You still have to
set it up to use ssh or rsh, though.  Search through the
archives at http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=beowulf&r=1&w=2v
and you will find links to howtos or descriptions on how to
set up rsh.

I recommend learning how to set up ssh for host based authentication.
http://www.omega.telia.net/vici/openssh/ has good instructions, but
note that the latest OpenSSH requires "EnableSSHKeysign yes" to be
set in <dir-of-ssh-conf-files>/ssh_config. Also, you can simplify
the instructions if you treat the cluster as a single system and
copy the same host keys to all of the machines.  Rocks does it that

If you don't want to learn about that sort of thing, then install
a cluster environment/distribution.

 > Lastly can anybody suggest me which one will be suitable for redhat
 > 9.0?

You should look at Rocks or OSCAR.  Rocks is a distribution based on RH and
OSCAR can be installed on top of RH-9.  They will set up PVM and MPI for you.



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