[Beowulf] PBS : deleting jobs that were running on a crashed node

Shriram R shriram1976 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 25 16:40:51 EST 2004


We have a 24 node/48 procs linux cluster running
Redhat.  The queueing system that we use is PBS.  One
of the nodes, node15, conked out completely and is not

"pbsnodes -a" shows the state of the node15 as "down".

However, jobs which had been running on node15 still
show up when I do a "qstat".

I tried to use "qdel" and "qsig" to delete these jobs,
but the server complains that it is unable to contact
pbs_mom, which is obvious since node15 is down.
Can someone tell me how do I delete these jobs from
the output of "qstat" ? 


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