[Beowulf] Hypothetical Situation

Jeff Moyer jmoyer at redhat.com
Thu Jan 22 12:59:14 EST 2004

==> Regarding [Beowulf] Hypothetical Situation; "Brent M. Clements" <bclem at rice.edu> adds:

bclem> We have a request by some of our research scientists to form a
bclem> beowulf cluster that provides the following abilities:

bclem> 1. It must be part of a shared computing facility controlled by a
bclem> batch queuing system.  2. A normal user must be able to compile a
bclem> customized kernel, then submit a job with a variable pointing to
bclem> that kernel. The batch queuing system must then load that kernel
bclem> onto the allocated nodes and reboot the nodes allocated.  2a. If the
bclem> node doesn't come back up after rebooting, the job must be canceled
bclem> and the node rebuilt automatically with a stable kernel/image.
bclem> 3. When the job is finished, the node must be rebuilt automatically
bclem> using a stable kernel/image.

Check out STP.  Besides being a pretty good band, it stands for Scalable
Test Platform.


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