[Beowulf] SGE vs LSF vs PBS...

Andrew Wang andrewxwang at yahoo.com.tw
Thu Jan 22 00:42:07 EST 2004

I did not buy LSF, but I did read the manuals of it.

I compared the features of LSF and SGE, found that
most of them are the same. One thing you need to
understand is that if you want to have advanced
scheduling algorithms, you need to use SGEEE.

SGEEE is also free, but I remember there is a switch
to turn on _during installation_ to get SGEEE, you can
send a mail to the SGE mailing list.

Another big difference is that LSF has global queues,
but SGE's queue concept is different -- a queue is
just a "container" of jobs. So the configuration may
be different than your LSF cluster in some cases.
HOWEVER, SGE 6.0 will provide LSF like queues to help
people to migrate more easily, and it is coming soon
too :)

Since how easy or difficult it is to migrate to SGE
depends on what you are looking for, the best is still
to provide more info, but I think the beowulf list is
not the best place to discuss about your batch system

The SGE mailing list is a better place, as there are a
lot of people there who used LSF but switched to SGE,
like the author of GE monitor:


SGE mailing list:


Also, don't forget to find out more about SPBS. I
don't have much experiece with SPBS, may be others who
used LSF and SPBS can provide more info.


--- Shawn Raider <raiders at phreaker.net> 的訊息:
> I would be thankful if you could share your
> experiences in replacing LSF with 
> SGE. I did study features etc from the respective
> docs/sites etc. before 
> asking here. I am looking specifically for user
> experiences.
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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