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Karthik karthik at siptech.co.in
Wed Jan 21 00:26:42 EST 2004

I have had a successful LAM/MPI cluster some time back.  Here are the steps 
that I have figured out after many unsuccessful attempts.  These steps are my 
quickest way to have a LAM/MPI cluster.

1.Install Linux in the Master node
2.Set Hostname and domainname
3.Setup the Master node as NIS server
4.Export /usr, /home directories.
5.Add a user for cluster, say kluster.
6.Update the NIS maps.
7.Install lam-mpi in Master under /usr/local
8.Install NPB in /usr/npb
9.Check the path for mpicc and lam* executables.
10.In Master: login as kluster.
11.Create a text file lamhosts in ~/ with:
LMIT3     #Master Node
Node1      #Slave Node
12.Install Linux in Slave node node1.
13.Make slave to mount /home, /usr with NFS.
14.Setup NIS ypbind in node1.
15.Check whether NIS is OK by using ypcat.
16.In node1:  Login as kluster.
17.Type recon –v lamhosts in master to check whether the cluster is bootable.
18.Type lamboot –v lamhosts in Master to start lam on the cluster.
19.From Master, type tping –c5 N to ping the entire cluster (use this to check 
the cluster is OK).
20.In Master: mpirun N progname or mpirun –lamd N progname to run the progname 
on all nodes.  The second command used lamd to run the program.

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 23:45, 70uf33q Hu5541n wrote:
> hi all,
> Have been trying (unsuccessfully) to run LAM/MPI on my
> 2 node network. But when I run lamboot, it says
> Permission Denied.
> the <hostfile> and the network is configured properly.
> Also the problem is with ssh. Earlier I had the same
> problem with rsh. I sorted it out by adding:
> in.rshd 192.168.0. and in.rlogind 192.168.0.
> although I have also added sshd 192.168.0. to the
> /etc/hosts.allow file I get the ssh error.
> I got the above <fix> from Google, if anyone has a
> better solution please help.
> Thank You
> Toufeeq
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