[Beowulf] Selection of Beowulf cluster type

Per Lindstrom klamman.gard at telia.com
Tue Jan 20 04:56:47 EST 2004

Jeffrey B. Layton wrote:

> Robert G. Brown wrote:
>> On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Per Lindstrom wrote:
>>> It gives that I should jump from Slack to Fedora or Debian, which 
>>> distro is scaling best?
>> Ah, the kind of question that can start a religious war.
> That's true! Although sometimes I get a little devious and like to
> start them (fun to watch the opinions come out).
> If you're goint to use Warewulf, you'll need a rpm-based distrbution.
> Something like RH, Mandrake, Suse, cAos, Whitebox, Fedora, etc.
> Warewulf gives you all of the details about PXE (don't need
> kickstart since there's nothing on the disk). I think yum has been
> added to cAos, but in general yum is pretty cool.
> As for performance, I didn't know one was better than the other
> (never heard of the problems with slackware before). Oh, I think
> you can add rpm capability to slack anyway (anyone comment on
> this?).
> ----------------------------

Throwing in the statement that Slackware has a bad scalability to a 
Slack fundamentalist forum, should indeed start a religious war. ; )

Here I am not running for Slack for its own sake so I will use Slacware 
up to two (2) nodes and when shifting to Debian when I'm connecting the 
remaining nodes. I think it will stop at about 10 CPUs.

Until I have learned to manage Debian I will use the 
"slack-rpm-transfer-tool" and it will be very interesting to benchmark 
the two distros with each other.

Thanks a lot for all help and support in his case.

Best regards
Per Lindstrom

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