[Beowulf] Selection of Beowulf cluster type

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Mon Jan 19 17:44:57 EST 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Per Lindstrom wrote:

> It gives that I should jump from Slack to Fedora or Debian, which distro 
> is scaling best?

Ah, the kind of question that can start a religious war.

I will say that I personally prefer RH (and soon expect to prefer
Fedora) because kickstart + PXE + yum is pretty incredible.  However,
Debianites feel that apt and friends are even better (or at least just
as good).  On this list there is at least one Mandrake-person who will
point out that Mandrake is a good, RPM-based distribution (so yum will
work) with its own RPM manipulation tools and its own cluster distro.
Finally -- well, probably not finally;-) -- there is SuSE, used by a lot
of Europe and reasonably popular over here where yum also should work.

There.  That's very ecumenical.

My advise is to look over the distributions with regard to cost, how
current they stay, and what other tools you want to use expect.  OSCAR,
for example, installs on top of one of the RH revisions, so if you go
that way you'll probably want to go RH/Fedora.


> Best regards
> Per Lindstrom

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