[Beowulf] linuxbios

Jeff Moyer jmoyer at redhat.com
Fri Jan 16 08:26:09 EST 2004

==> Regarding Re: [Beowulf] linuxbios; Leif Nixon <nixon at nsc.liu.se> adds:

nixon> Erwan Velu <erwan at mandrakesoft.com> writes:
>>> I'm mostly interested in Linuxbios though for the controlability of
>>> large clusters.
>> Can you develop that point ? What is really intresting in such
>> technologie ? Once your bios are well setup, you don't need to change it
>> every day..

nixon> Right now I'd like to evaluate the performance of a 100 node cluster
nixon> with and without hyperthreading activated. I don't look forward to
nixon> fiddle those BIOS settings, I can tell you.

Well, once you've enabled HT in the BIOS, there's at leaset a kernel
command line switch to disable it in the kernel (noht).

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