[Beowulf] MySQL clustering

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Fri Jan 16 07:21:13 EST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Domingo Antonio wrote:

> Hi all!!
>         Is mysql capable to work with beowulf ?
> I´m intend to make a beowulf cluster to make my website more fast!
> Actualy a have an apache + mysql server, but they not suport
> requests... I tried, but no suces, to make mysql replication.. the
> performance was good but not good enoght...
>         Is possible to make mysql work over beowulf?  

To some extent yes, but this is the wrong list venue for the question.

What you want is "high availability computing", not "high performance
computing".  There is a linux site devoted to it, and of course it is of
great interest to and in significant use in corporate america.  There is
even a bit of crossover with this list -- distributing some sort of
serious computation (as opposed to database transactions) front ended by
a web interface, for example, but most of what HA linux focusses on is
failover/reliability, delivery speed, handling lots of "transactions".

BTW, two more comments.  One is that in many cases web performance is at
least partly bottlenecked by your net interface or I/O subsystem (disk),
not the CPU.  These are often difficult to share, and without sharing
and parallelization there is little point in multiplexing your server
arrangement and you'll do a lot of work for nothing.  Multiplexing DB
transactions IS one of the places where it can matter, if you can
distribute multiple copies of the DB and keep them in sync as
transactions proceed.

A second comment is that on one or two of the lists that I'm on (not
this one) I've heard significant rants against mysql as a professional
quality DB.  Note that this is NOT such a rant -- I use mysql myself for
a small DB-driven php website, but note the key word: "small".

Being a packrat, I squirrelled away the links.  One is:


and another is:


A rant against mysql in general, and a fairly specific list of gotchas
that have bitten other developers who looked for some specific SQL
feature and found it lacking or broken.  They tend to recommend using
either postgres or oracle for anything more serious than alphabetizing
your record collection (I use it to track campus clusters, which is
just about that complex, and use SQL with a book in one hand anyway, so
to me it matters little).  Just FYI.


> Thanks a lot!!!
> Domingo Antonio

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