[Beowulf] profiling memory bandwidth of a job

Michael Arndt M.Arndt at science-computing.de
Fri Jan 9 04:54:51 EST 2004


Problem: to get the characteristics of a commercial numerical
         CFD code on a Cluster with respect to memory bandwidth.

The Application is running single cpu jobs on SMP Nodes, no 
parallel application.

The runtimes show symptomes of concurring about memory bandwith.

I.e., if two One-CPU Jobs run on the dual CPU Node, the total run
time is far more than twice the time of one job + e.g 30 % penalty for
ressource competition of both jobs on a SMP Node.

Question: Is it possible, to show with standard linux profiling commands
          that really memory bandwidth is the issue ?

(Memory requirements and disk IO rate of the jobs are moderate, as far
 as iostat / top shows)


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