[Beowulf] query: aggregate cluster performance monitoring without multicast

Lombard, David N david.n.lombard at intel.com
Fri Jan 9 13:47:51 EST 2004

From: Robert G. Brown [mailto:rgb at phy.duke.edu]; Friday, January 09,
> I do have a mental vision of an even more efficient "panel of lights"
> display that would run under X as a GTK process that used
> metaphor colors to encode the number values, green to red and still
> presented the number values if the mouse pointer hovered over a light
> such a display could probably allow a really big cluster (1024 nodes
> plus) to be monitored at a glance with detail readily available as
> problems emerged.  I just don't have that many nodes that wulfstat
> doesn't work locally, and writing the app and debugging it is maybe a
> week's work.  With such a display and lights that were order of 10-20
> pixels square, one could put a LOT of them onscreen in a neat little
> array...

There's more to GUI scalability than small icons.  The best scalability
comes from being able to range from "show me everything all at once" to
"roll up the data in various meaningful terms".  Possibilities like
machine rooms and racks are things I've prototyped and received
generally favorable responses.
> I don't know if this would be possible in a web browser, at least on a
> timescale you could live with.  Binary can have portability issues,
> it is as fast as it gets.

By timescale, I assume you mean display time?  That's where the
abstractions come in to play, and, for the all-at-once method, better
output preparation, i.e., a single bit image over multiple images.  So,
I'd suggest that the only thing you lose is live-update, which can be an
issue, to be sure.

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