[Beowulf] Subclusters...

raiders at phreaker.net raiders at phreaker.net
Tue Feb 24 10:39:19 EST 2004

We are on a project as described below:

- IA32 linux cluster for general parallel programming
- five head nodes, each head node will have about 15 compute nodes and 
dedicated storage 
- groups of cluster-users will be restricted to their own clusters normally 
(some exclusions may apply)
- SGE/PBS, GbE etc are standard choices

But the people in power want one single software or admin console (cluster 
toolkit?) to manage the entire cluster from one adm station (which may or may 
not be one of the head nodes).

I looked around and could not find any suitable solution (ROCKS, oscar, etc). 
ROCKS, oscar etc can manage only one cluster at a time and cannot handle 
subclusters. (I might be wrong) 

 I believe that only custom programming can help. Appreciate any expert 


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