[Beowulf] Movie Editing Requirements

Sawan Gupta mg_india at sancharnet.in
Sat Feb 21 19:18:55 EST 2004


My client uses Adobe After Effects, 3D Max, Maya etc on his PIV HT
system with 512 DDRAM and a 128 MB Graphic Card.

But when he perform some rendering operations, it takes nearly 10-15
minutes to complete.

He wishes to upgrade his system to dual XEON with more RAM to minimize
this time delay.

I want to know whether this will suit his requirments or a cluster is
just what he needs.
Please tell me which cluster can suit his requirements i.e.
I mean which cluster can best suit these requirements.

Also are the softwares used by him also available for Linux or not. (If
the solution suggested is in Linux)


Sawan Gupta
|| Mg_India at sancharnet.in ||

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