[Beowulf] Best Setup for Batch Systems

Andrew Wang andrewxwang at yahoo.com.tw
Wed Feb 18 22:09:53 EST 2004

 --- "Dean Michael C. Berris" 
> I'm  currently reading
> on SGE, and am going to be choosing as soon as I get
> the full picture.
> Currently my preference is still towards SPBS
> (Torque) mainly because it
> doesn't seem as complicated to set up.

To install SGE, you don't even need to compile the
source, just download the pre-compiled binary package,
or grab the rpm.

And also, SGE doesn't require root access, it can
untar the package in your home directory, run the
install scripts, and start playing with it.

> What I'd
> like to know would be how different DQS (and/or
> Queue) is with regards
> to SPBS and SGE?

Debian is planning to replace DQS with SGE, but the
maintainer of DQS was gone (he left the university).

DQS and SGE are very similar. And PBS and SPBS are
very similar too.

> It would seem like from what I've been reading, SGE
> and SPBS are really
> for clusters (and grids), and DQS is for a
> collection of computers that
> really don't work as a cluster (or as a parallel
> computer). How accurate
> is this assessment of mine?

Are you talking about compute farms?

SGE is also used in compute farms as well, where
people run EDA simulations, graphic rendering jobs,
BLAST jobs, etc.

SGE has quite a lot of resource management features.

SPBS/PBS are used in HPC clusters, since before SGE
was opensource, PBS was free/opensource, so more
people used it in those environments.

> Are there any articles written by people in the
> group regarding
> comparisons between SGE and SPBS with regards to
> effectivity and
> reliability?

SGE vs PBS on the rocks cluster mailing list:

SPBS has lots of patches integrated, but still if your
SPBS master node crashes, your cluster is gone.

In SGE, the admin can config 1 or more shadow masters,
so in theory as long as any one machine in the cluster
is running, your cluster is not dead.

>  Scalability is also a factor because
> the cluster may grow
> as more funding and problems get into the cluster
> project.

Both SGE and SPBS can scale to thousands of nodes, the
question is, do you have the funding? :-)

(SGE 6.0 will scale even further)

> I hope I never cease to get enlightened from posts
> in the group, and
> insights would be most appreciated.

I think you should try to install both, it is better
to feel it than to just listen to other people.


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