[Beowulf] gigabit ethernet: horrible performance for 0 byte messages

Patrick Michael Kane modus at pr.es.to
Thu Feb 12 23:53:04 EST 2004

* Chris Samuel (csamuel at vpac.org) [040212 20:42]:
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> On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 02:22 pm, Brent M. Clements wrote:
> > The best switch that we have found both in price and speed are the GigE
> > Switches from Dell. We use them in a few of our test clusters and smaller
> > clusters. They are actually pretty good performers and top even some of
> > the cisco switches.
> That's bizzare, the GigE switches I've seen in a Dell cluster *were* rebadged 
> Cisco switches.  Even had to do the usual "PortFast" routine in IOS to get 
> PXE booting to work.

They used to be, I believe.

Now they appear to be something else (for their latest 24 port layer-2
model).  I've had good luck with them with the latest firmware, before
that they were fairly flakey.  Check the dell forums for all the
yammering and howling on the PowerEdge 5224.

Patrick Michael Kane
<modus at pr.es.to>
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