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> On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, John Hearns wrote:
> > But then again I may be the only person to own "Fortran 77:
> > A Structured Approach".
> Wow!  Bleeding edge stuff.
> On the subject of pure perversity, my Fortran notes stop with a
> roneotyped rip-off copy of Fortran IV Self-Taught *in French* dating
> from 1968.  (Anyone else remember the 60s workhorse, the IBM 1130?
> Punched card paradise?  I believe some guy in France has got one back
> together and working, but I don't remember where.)
> [Weeps sadly into Wincarnis as the memories flood back.]

Ah, another 1130 veteran!  Group hug!

There's an active 1130 group, and you too can run R2V12 on your very own
1130 simulator, complete w/ Fortran (not EMU, sigh) and other tools.
IIRC, APL may even be available.  http://ibm1130.org

One of my hobby tasks is to port the simulator GUI to Tcl/Tk or

David N. Lombard

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