[Beowulf] Adding Latency to a Cluster Environment

joshh at cs.earlham.edu joshh at cs.earlham.edu
Fri Feb 13 10:25:31 EST 2004

Here is an irregular question. I am profiling a software package that runs
over LAM-MPI on 16 node clusters [Details Below]. I would like to measure
the effect of increased latency on the run time of the program.

It would be nice if I could quantify the added latency in the process to
create some statistics. If possible, I do not want to alter the code line
of the program, or buy new hardware. I am looking for a software

Bazaar Cluster:
16 Node Red Hat Linux machines running 500MHz PIII, 512MB RAM
1 100Mbps NIC card in each machine
2 100Mbps Full-Duplex switches

Cairo Cluster:
16 Node YellowDog Linux machines running 1GHz PPC G4, 1GB RAM
2 1Gbps NIC cards in each machine (only one in use)
2 1Gbps Full-Duplex switches

For more details on these clusters follow the link below:

Thank you,

Josh Hursey
Earlham College Cluster Computing Group

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