[Beowulf] Master-Slave Problems

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Thu Feb 12 09:18:31 EST 2004

> Sure it is easy to come up with just any problem and implement a
> solution in a master-slave model, but I'm looking for computationally
> intensive problems wherein the computation necessary for parts of the
> problem are not equal. What I mean by this is similar to the case of the
> parallel number finder, seeing whether 11 is prime requires less
> computation compared to seeing whether 9999991 is prime.

an easy if hackneyed one is a mandelbrot-family fractal zoomer.
depending on what chunk of the space you look at, I'd guess you 
could find pretty much any distribution of work-per-point.  if your
master-slave model does smart domain decomp, this might be just the thing.

true, some people will roll their eyes when they find out you're doing
fractals.  I certainly did, when someone here used them.  but they do 
have nice properties, and nice pictures always help ;)

> PS: Are ther any cluster admins there willing to spare some cycles and
> cluster time for a cluster needy BS Undergraduate student in the
> Philippines? :D

send me some email.

regards, mark hahn.
hahn at sharcnet.ca

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