[Beowulf] how are people doing this?

Mike Eggleston mikee at mikee.ath.cx
Wed Feb 11 13:55:01 EST 2004

I feel that in a proper cluster that the nodes are all (basically)
identical. I 'own' a server environment of 20+ servers that  are
all dedicated to specific applications and this is not a cluster.
However, I would like to manage config files (/etc/resolv.conf, etc),
user accounts, patches, etc., as I would in a clustered environment.
I have read the papers at infrastructures.org and agree with the
principles mentioned there. I have looked extensively at cfengine,
though I prefer the solution be in PERL as all my servers have
PERL already (the manufacturer installs PERL as default on the boxes).

How is everyone managing their cluster or what are suggestions
on how I can manage my server environment.

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