[Beowulf] Cluster applications.

Balaji Rangasamy br66 at HPCL.CSE.MsState.Edu
Sat Feb 7 13:48:06 EST 2004

I am looking for a real high performance computing application to evaluate
the performance of a 2-node cluster running RH9.0, connected back to back
by 1GbE. Here are some characteristics of the application I am looking
1 Communication intensive, should not be embarassingly parallel.
2 Should be able to stress the network to the maximum.
3 Should not be a benchmark, a real application.
4 Tunable message sizes.
5 Preferably MPI
6 Free (am I greedy?).
Can someone point out one/some application(s) with at least first 3
features in the above list? Thank you very much.

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