[Beowulf] Re: HVAC and room cooling... wires

Nathan Littlepage nathan at iwantka.com
Fri Feb 6 08:52:20 EST 2004

> That's not crazy, that's actually rather sane.  What would be crazy
> would be grounding the neutrals and/or ground wire in 
> different places.
> Can you say "ground loop"?

Grounding loops.. truly a bane. I remember one instance where someone
wired a telecommunications switch to two different grounds. The -48v DC
power had it's own ground, and someone had grounded the chassis to a
different feed. I little lesser know fact was the lightning rod on the
tower next to the building was linked to the same ground as the power.
When lightning did strike, nothing but smoke as the charge rolled from
one ground to the other on each bay.

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