[Ganglia-general] Errors starting Gmetad

Lance Hutchinson lanceh at cs.unr.edu
Tue Sep 30 18:08:01 EDT 2003

Hi all.  I recently had the problem that the webfrontend of my 64 node
rocks cluster did not have any graphs showing, as none of the rrds were
being generated.  I upgraded my gmetad, and now i get the following
messages when i start gmetad with debug turned on.  Can anyone tell me
where i am going wrong?  What do I have the wrong version of?

[root at cortex lance]# /etc/init.d/gmetad start
Starting GANGLIA gmetad: Going to run as user nobody
Source: [Cortex, step 15] has 1 sources
xml listening on port 8651
interactive xml listening on port 8652
Data thread 7176 is monitoring [Cortex] data source
[Cortex] is an OLD version

Thanks a ton.

Lance Hutchinson <lanceh at cs.unr.edu>

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